Good Morning Geek was originally founded in 2008 by the URL of maxswisher.blogspot.com. At first, it was a personal site for things (look at some of the older posts!), but then it turned into a lot of reviews. Being an aesthetics freak, Max Swisher switched the blog to goodmorninggeek.wordpress.com where thee wasn’t a bar going across the top. He then got the URL goodmorninggeek.com and created a redirect to go to goodmorninggeek.wordpress.com. Max then switched to his own hosting and has expanded much since. He now owns multiple subdomains and is expanding on his domains. But no matter what, Max will stay committed to bringing you great reviews of software and hardware. He is a fan of Mac, but uses Linux and sometimes even windows when necessary. Please enjoy the site!

  • Hi Max,
    Nice site.

  • Arnie

    thinking of buying like 4 shirts and a teddy bear off of here…
    hey max 😛
    OCT 29, 2010

  • Tsalom

    Wait you are hosting it from your computer??
    How can you do that? I have a Mac and I would very much love to know.

  • Anonymous

    Hosting it from a personal computer is a huge security tusk. I own a private server.