GMGtv Episode 1: The new GMGtv!




As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting much about GMGtv. This is because it’s a pain to have to setup equipment, practice a script, and edit it, at the same time as maintaining an internship, blogging, conferencing, and of course, going to school/doing homework. So that’s why I am deciding to make the new GMGtv audio only, totally unscripted. I am going to find something in the news, then just talk for a minute or two about it. It’s raw thoughts from my head, and is pretty much the same stuff I would write here on GMG. I am doing these episodes far more often, and because they’re audio only, they take up a LOT less file space.

Here’s the first episode of the new GMGtv!

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Introducing GMGtv!

I’ve been working on a little bit of a project the past few days and the first outcome is here!

Introducing GMGtv, a (hopefully) weekly video about tech news and opinions done by yours truly. Here’s the first one, hope you enjoy it! (p.s. I keep looking around because instead of a teleprompter I have a lot of pieces of paper with the outline of the script on it. I’ll work on that next week  [:  ).

The lighting is a bit uneven and there is an extremely annoying high pitch noise (from the studio lights), both of which I have fixed for next week. I figured out how to use the equalizer to get the noise to disappear and I have gotten an extra light, a reflecting umbrella, and a couple of diffusers (and this studio is tiny so there’s absolutely no space left in here).

I hope to soon get this in iTunes, so you can subscribe on your iDevices, but that might be a few more weeks.

Thanks for watching, and soon I’ll do a behind the scenes! 🙂