Creating a New Operating System for Your Tablet is No Good

You just designed an amazing tablet. It has an amazing camera, great screen, and good looks.

The only thing that it doesn’t have is software.

You contemplate Android and Windows. iOS would be nice, but as we all know Apple wouldn’t let that pass.

Android and Windows doesn’t have the base features you want, so you create a brand new operating system by your self.

Will the product succeed?

The answer is no. This is basically what is going on with things like the HP Veer and HP Touchpad. The same thing will happen with Sony’s new line of tablets.

Here’s why:

People buy tablets for a few things: Hardware, Operating System Features, internet support, and third party apps.

You need to have a good balance of all of the above.

Hardware, Operating System Features, and Internet Support are three things that as a developer you can program yourself.

However, third party apps rely on Developers. After all, you on your own can’t create every idea that all developers have.

And that’s why you’re in the end, better off going with Android. New products have domino effects.

People buy tablets with lots of apps.

Developers develop apps for tablets with lots of people. Only if there’s a lot of devs or a lot of people will it eventually balance out.

The android operating system has tons of apps, and it’s easy to port. It has good base features, and people really do love it. That’s the reason that you might as well design your hardware, then take advantage of Android for your operating system as it is stable, widely used, and most importantly it already has lots of developers building on it.


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