Tip/Trick: Save battery on your iPod touch

Your battery life is important… If you don’t believe me, you will when your iPod dies while writing an incredibly important business email.

You can use a few simple little tricks to increase your battery life.

1. At least every month, drain your iPod until it dies, and fully recharge it. It’s even better to do this every time you need to charge/discharge your iPod. This tip works for everything that runs on batteries: laptops, phones, you name it.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi if you’re not using it! It discharges battery fast.

3. Turn down brightness! If you are in a car at night you don’t need the screen at full brightness!

4. If you are concerned about your battery draining in less than an hour, consider getting your battery replaced.

5. Gameplay drains battery as well. You can ultimately get 2 hours of battery life with gameplay, that is if you have followed all of the other tips above.

6. If you have other battery issues, keep track of what you do and time how long the battery lasts. When the iPod is in auto-lock (automatically turns off or you press the sleep button) It will use very very VERY VERY little battery life. Therefore, when timing don’t count the time the ipod is asleep. After seeing how long until it dies, go into the apple store and tell one of the people walking around about your problem. This doesn’t require a genius appointment, and who knows. Maybe that’s supposed to happen. Ad if it’s not, then it’s time to schedule a genius appointment.

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