New GMG Sites!!

Now before reading this post, remember: This is the main site you want to follow!!

We have launched the following new sites:

Good Morning Geek Forum

Get all of your tech questions answered here. Also, please answer other people’s questions, as If there is no one answering and only asking then that wouldn’t be too helpful, would it? So the more people you can get answering questions on these forums the better, for you, me, and anybody else who might want to join. Did I mention that anybody can join, and there are absolutely no ads? Now remember: I have complete control over al user accounts and posts, and I will be moderating. If there is a spamming account, gone it shall be! Now to get to the forum is a little tricky: will take you to a launch page, but to get to the forums etc. you need to go to . Trickey, right? I am still looking for a solution to this, but soon I might just have a big black button that says “PROCEED TO FORUM”. We’ll see. Currently, I have forums for the following topics: iPod touch & iPhone, iPod, Mac, and windows. Windows has Vista, 7, and XP under it. To create an account on the forums just go to and on the left click Create new account. Then, put in your desired username and email address and a password will be sent to you. to login, go to and put your USERNAME (NOT EMAIL) in the username box and in the Password box enter the password that was in your email (you can copy and paste the password as well). To create a new forum topic login and in the left sidebar click Create Content. Then click Forum Topic. enter the name for the thread and select the forum it needs to go under. Type in some additional information for the questions and click post. Yr post will show up in the right sidebar under what’s new so other people can see it. To reply to thread, you will need to comment on it (sorry, it was the best I could do, but it works). Have fun on the Good Morning Geek Forum!

Good Morning Geek Community

Do you want to share your thoughts with the world, but don’t want to start a website or blog? Maybe you have started a website or blog, but you don’t get that many views? Well, Good Morning geek Community is your place to post your tch thoughts and have them read by the world. Remember, the views are powered by you, so spread the word of so everybody gets more readers! As I mentioned up there, is the URL. To post something to GMGC, you need to sign up (which is free!) by doing the following: On the main page click Create New account on the right sidebar. Enter your information and an email should arrive with your login info. Enter the information in the right sidebar and click login. To create a new post to GMGC, login and in the left sidebar click create content. Then, click create new post. Write that post and click save, and it will appear on the homepage. Have fun!

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