Not magical or revolutionary, it’s a paper pad

The iPaperPad

As we ALL know, the iPad was recently announced on February 27th. And it already has a competitor.

The iPaperPad is sold as a three pack for $24.99, which is MUCH cheaper than Apple’s incredibly overpriced iPad.

The iPaperPad has many advantages over the iPad. For example, the battery life. Everybody was amazed by the iPad and its amazing 10 hour (which actually means 6 hour) battery life. The iPaperPad utilizes well-known technology to achieve a remarkable feat: Unlimited battery life!!! Apple is yet to come out with a product for only $24.99 that has UNLIMITED battery life!

Battery life isn’t the only advantage over the iPad. We know that the iPad has a 1280X768 resolution. They call that”Hi-Def”. The iPaperPad takes an incredibly strike at Apple’s iPad, once again, with the utilization of well-known but under-used technology to create an amazing feature: Unlimited DPI. In fact, the iPaperPad can’t even be defined in such ways. The screen has yet another a benefit over the iPad: It works with numerous input devices. The iPad only works with a finger (it works with a marker too, but that might not be a good idea..), but the iPaperPad was tested with a pencil, a marker, a crayon, a sharpie, the possibilities just go on and on! You can even write on it with a feather pen. Apple’s iPad can’t even compete with that.

But it doesn’t even end there. The iPaperPad is coded in such a code that a 2-year-old can become a developer. It is coded in a well known system called “Imagination.” This system doesn’t use any confusing numbers. You just draw what you want and it comes to life.

The iPaperPad opens up many possibilities for game development as well. Known games like hangman will be redesigned. There will be a gold rush of app developers to create intuitive programs for the iPaperPad.

The iPaperPad even has multitasking. You can draw a picture while playing hangman. You can take notes while doodling. The iPad does NOT do THAT.

The iPaperPad lacks one thing from the iPad, though: Networking/Wi-fi access.

As you can tell, the iPaperPad will be a true competitor to the iPad at its amazing price and features. Did I mention that it’s 100% recyclable, quite unlike the iPad? OOH, and it’s flexible!! The iPad would just crack in half if it was exposed to the forces that the iPaperPad takes. Jealous? Get one below.

And, it’s already shipping!

iPaperPad Homepage

iPaperPad Amazon Page

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