Do you like to read RSS? I didn’t before, but now that I have found the right app, I love to use it. I used to try to use things like Google Reader, Th Mail application that comes with every mac, and even safari. But none of those well, “clicked”. So I have finally found this really cool application called Vienna. This is a very clean RSS reader, with a catchy name and icon (all an app needs to be downloaded a lot). But not just that, this app is good. It is another one of those apps that I had scanned over at a website and hadn’t seemed interested, but once I downloaded and tried it, I couldn’t live without it. Vienna almost looks like a mail application. It has RSS subscriptions in the left sidebar, and shows the RSS posts in the center. Click on the post and it appears in the small sidebar on the bottom, just like the defaults for a mail client. The dock icon does have a small glossy badge in the top left with a number showing how many unread posts there are. To mark a post as read, simply open it in he sidebar on the bottom for 0.5 seconds. To know what articles are read and not, it shows a glossy blue ball next to the post which disappears when you open the post for 0.5 seconds or more. That feature also reminds us of the Mail application that comes on every mac, except in Mail the blue ball is matte. All together, this app is great for reading RSS and Atom feeds. In fact, Good Morning Geek has an RSS feed. After you download this, make sure you add this URL to your subscriptions!:


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