Well, I think many of us long-time blog readers remember ecto. Well, that now has to be paid for. So I am hunting all over the web for another one because ecto now costs money. I had tried some that wouldn’t install right, but I finally found one. Qumana has a fairly old style, but really When it posts to the blog, gets the job done. when it posts to the blog, you wouldn’t really realize it was done with a fairly old style blog editor. It has all of the features as the blogger web interface, but has one big feature: saving to your hard drive. This means I can create posts even when I’m not connected to the internet, but I can publish them when I get an internet connection. Qumana is able to connect to multiple blogs of many sorts. The setup consists of entering your blog URL and credentials then selecting the blogs that you would like to be able to post to via Qumana. you can even insert an ad! Sadly, that is only compatible with adGenta, which I have no use in. But there is in fact one big flaw: the spell check is outdated. in fact, it only accepts internet as Internet. I don’t know if. this is correct of incorrect spelling, but from what I have collected internet is valid. Easy to use blog post editor: Qumana.
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