[BUGGED] Favorite→RT

You may not know this, but it is possible to favorite a tweet. It’s supported in all twitter clients and the website.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to see what tweets a user has favorited (I haven’t been able to). But this service from my friend Spencer Schoeben makes it so a [yourtwitternamehere]favs account will retweet every tweet you favorite.

For this example, I will be using the TeenTechie twitter account.

Step 1

The account that will have the favorites is considered the “Primary account”. For this example, that would be TeenTechie. We need to create the favorites account that will retweet the tweets that TeenTechie (the primary account) favorites. That account should be [primaryusername]favs (TeenTechiefavs). Go to twitter and create the account.

Step 2

Go to http://spncr.me/favrt and click Sign in to Twitter at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Frown in disappointment about the errors that occur.


Don’t worry, the problem should be fixed in a little bit. Once it is fixed, I’ll write a post that shows you how to create the account SUCCESSFULLY!.

In the meanwhile, save that [primaryusername]favs account, and while you wait, you might want to create a picture by taking the Primary account’s photo and putting a star in the bottom right (to denote the favorites account).

Thanks! I’m sure it will be fixed soon, Spencer says he’s ON IT and fixing it ASAP. Now smile in happiness for what is to come. 😀

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