So all of the posts here have personal meaning to me. They are a reflection of my thoughts. All of them are important.

But if you look here, you’ll notice that all of them are at least a paragraph long.

Some of my thoughts are just as meaningful but don’t have that much to elaborate on. As an example, here is one of my thoughts that is important and relevant to this blog: “The Droid X is simply too big and isn’t confortable to hold. That’s why I prefer my Droid Incredible.” Now this is meaningful but what else is there to say? That would look kinda funny in a post where the title takes up more space than the post itself.

So that’s why I have created a new site for the posts that are just too small to fit (oxymoron anyone?) on Good Morning Geek. And just because the posts are shorter doesn’t mean they have any less meaning!

You can check out these posts at Please check over there along with Good Morning Geek!



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