At your service, for no cost at all! Sorry, PC users, this Mac essential is only for Macs. Butler is cabable of doing many things. It can show the iTunes song, bring up a google search window, and do a spotlight kind of search. But those I truly don’t need, and the reason I love this so much is because of one feature: Multiple pasteboards. I can copy one thing, then copy another. usually this would wipe the last copy, but if you have pasteboards enabled then it will remember it. You can also set a limit of how many pasteboards you want it to remember. you can open the pasteboards menu by assigning a keyboard shortcut or opening it from the menu. I prefer keyboard shortcuts because I have things I need to do, and clicking on things doesn’t speed up the process. I assigned option>Command>V because it is like paste with the option key. this will open a small window with things you have copied. Each thing you have copied will be numbered, and the most recent will be 0. Just press the number on your keyboard to paste it. Of all features, this is definitely the best–and the only one I use. But, I do still use the google search feature. But I must say that the configuration window is kinda hard to figure out. But just look through the help file. I now see why it is called help. Get multiple pasteboards and more-Butler.

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