Disctop is a really cool piece of software, that is both freeware, and really awesome. when you insert a disc into your mac, it till actually show the disc on your desktop. for iMacs, this is really cool because it will show the disc on your screen where the disk actually is. for macbooks, it can’t quite show it on the keyboard, so it shows it on the top right of the screen. it will show it actual size, and if it is a music CD, then Disctop will go out to amazon.com and find the CD artwork, and display it on the cd (I mean the one on your desktop!).

here’s a video I made.


We all love to watch DVDs right? but sometimes when you want to watch them on the go, you have to have a player or something right? so thats why we get an iPod, or PSP, or iPhone. but you have to buy the right format from iTunes of the movie. but i just wanted my dvd on my iPod. dundundunda! here domes HandBrake. HandBrake is a 100% free application the transfers DVDs to most formats for a player. the newest version is only for OSX, but there are older versions for windows and linux. it has presets for things like iPhone, iPod lo-res, hi-res, PSP, and in the following formats: .mp4, .mkv, .avi, and .ogm. i use this al of the time on ipod lo-res for my dvds. for iPods, iPhones, PSPs, etc. you need to output it to .mp4. i use it for all of my DVDs.