New view on apple

I used to dub apple as the greatest of all. But my view is changing as apple begins to turn into the evil empire.

If you look at some of the press you will see how apple us taking a very bad response to this iphone for antenna problem. They have been saying nothing to the press and they are not anything their problem. This is kind if odd for a company so focused on its reputation and good press.

So here what I now say: apple has some of the best computers and electronics and design basi (plural of basis?) But as a company are entirely evil.

On the good side is google, but o don’t really dub apple and google in the same field other than mobile operating system (where I dub android better, more on that later) so I cant really call them head on competitors. But I praise google for being so open. I mean I even have a google socket on the back of my macbook and iPad.

So I guess I like them both.

As far as pcs go, I’m less crazy about mac. I man, people have their reasons, but overall I still dub apple as the best overall computer creator.