Calling all tech teens!

Are you a teen?

Are you (almost) obsessed with technology?

Then I’d like you to be in a project I’m doing.

Teens are kind of the future. When you’re not around, the teens will be: and they will probably be one of the most successful generations ever. They are also one of the smartest when it comes to technology because they’re minds are fresh and have never listened to a landline or used dial-up before (well it depends, but you get the point).

I’vew been looking around the interwebz for a technology blog only by teens. I’m currently unsuccessful, so I decided I would just start my own.

If you are interested, please email me at No, you don’t have to pay anything, but just some time to write blog posts every once and a while about technology (you decide the rest!).

Currently, I don’t have a name for the site until I find a good domain (I have a list, I might do a poll to see what you guys think), but I have codenamed the project teengather.

If you know any teens that are technologically skilled (more than the ability to go on facebook for 14 hours straight), please tell them about teengather.


Max Swisher

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