I got Cockpit for free at macbuzzer, and how about I get straight to the point: I don’t know why anyone would pay for this app.

I’m mobile, so i can’t put in any screenshots. 🙁

Basically, cockpit is an app controller. For example, you can click buttons for forwards, backwards, volume, play, pause, etc. To get to this, you just click the icon in the menubar and the little window pops up. You can drag the window anywhere on your screen.

Sadly, the applications it can control is limited. It comes with built-in support for keynote, mail, iTunes, and a couple of other things. You can create your own controls and submit them for download on cockpit’s site, but there are only two available right now.

The app costs $15, being the money saver I am, it’s not worth it. You could pay 15 to access iTunes controls through your menubar, or you could just click the dock icon in the same amount of time for free. If I see you using this, I just might have to kick you for wasting your money. However’ you’ve pretty much kicked yourself for wasting the money anyway. 😉

Overall, the idea isn’t too bad. But being so new and unheard-of, it’s not going to become a hit anytime soon.

As someone at the teens in tech conference said, your idea needs to be new and useful, or do something else better, or else it will fail.

The idea has been heard of for long: I mean, since the history of iTunes right? Those play buttons? And it’s not very useful especially for fifteen buckaroos.

I’m sorry, but this is one of the few bad app reviews ill do. 😉

You can check it out (I don’t recommend getting it) at

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