This isn’t a free application, but it is definitely convenient.

I got this application fron MacHeist which is a service that gives away free software and donates a tonto charity. Plus, it’s completely legal.

So, you want to share something on your screen with your friends.

You would do -Shift-4, selectwhat part of the screen you want, release, and put the file automatically saved to your desktop in the email or IM application. Then you have to wait for it to transfer, which is alwys slower than FTP or HTTP connections.

In fact, my skype transfers usuallly run 20kbps. SLOW.

TinyGrab solves the problem. Launch TinyGrab, and it will show up as a little cloud in the menubar.

Now, just take a screenshot as you usually would.

You can also use -Shift-3 to take a picture of your whole screen, or -Shift-4 and then when you get the cross-hair press space to select a whole window to take a screenshot of.

Next thing you know, the icon in the dock will change and have a blue arrow on it, and will have an orange arrow on the menubar icon.

The dock icon will look like this:

TinyGrab Uploading

And momentarily, it will make a “Boodeep!” sound, and the icon will look like this for a short moment before returning to normal.

TinyGrab is done uploading

So, it’s on the internet. Where is it now?

The answer is in your clipboard… literally.

After the icon has a chckmark, than go into any application and press -V.

The link will be http:/grab.by/*.

Th HTTP connection is much faster than the connection through skye transfer or IM.

TinyGrab is about 12 dollars, or exactly £10.

TinyGrab Homepage

TinyGrab Free Trial Download