I need your help- Yahoo!—Google?

Fellow blog readers, I ask of you to do something for me. It is free, and I’d like you to use it in your daily lives for 2 days.
First, use Google Desktop for 2 days. get at least 3 Gadgets of your liking, and use them in your daily life. PC users might want to use the key shortcut to show the widgets instead of the sidebar,
but I may be wrong. Also try using the search box (PC users press CTRL 2 times really fast, Mac users press command 2 times really fast). After using that for 2 days, get Yahoo! Widgets. use the default widgets, try them out on your desktop, change the things you don’t like, and personalize it to your liking. After those 2 days, write HERE which you think was better, if you thought spotlight beat the google search box, and hive them both a rating out of 5 stars. You can download them below.