Macbook- Full review

Well, i got a macbook, and i love it. The iSight camera is amazingly good, and it works great with skype. also, the touchpad is really amazing. The battery life is really long, and i just love it. it does not overheat, and everything is amazing. the speakers are good, and it is pretty thin.
everything about it is very amazing. there’s nothing you wouldn’t like.
thats why  don’t have much to say; everything is awesome!


Now this tool is really really helpful for people who do alto of file organizing like me. with mucommander, it has two browsers in one window, so you can have to completely different directorys open, so you can crag files from place to place. it is really easy to use, and ompletely free, for all operating systems. i use it instead of file explorer on windows, and i love it, you might to!
read about it


Now, I use this all the time. it is very handy, and really easy to use, looks nice to. it is called Digsby. It is very easy to use. all you have to do is register your digs by account (which is completely free), then, open Digsby, type in your Digsby account, and then start adding your aim, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN and more accounts!
I use it all of the time. It is SO easy to use, and looks really nice to!