Well, I take back my fact about flock being the best! Well lookie here, Safari 4 beta is here! I have no idea how long I have been missing this, but I found out about it last night on the awesome blog Life Hacker. The new Safari is free, and works on PC and mac (unlike google chrome). Here are some new features and screenshots:

Top sites page
New Tabs
And the capability of importing from the previous install of Safari.
I mean, this browser is just plain awesome! It is also very quick, and has a wicked post-install video.


Despite having a Mac-like name, MappedUp is also in a version for PCs. This app is great for news junkies.

Ever wondering what is going on around the world, and on a map where it is happening? This is a free app just for that.
Sorry for the amateur quality, I am unable to afford software like captivate, or another video camera with a microphone.


I think some people may be wondering, what is my favorite freeware web browser? Well, after searching all over the internet and downloading almost every known web browser for Macs and PCs (don’t worry PC owners, all of the web browsers that were only for Mac were horrible).

What I want from a web browser (in priority order)
5. Ease of use
4. Social networking compatibility
3. Overall compatibility
2. Speed
1. Easy to use interface.

The story- when I had a PC, I was too very interested in trying out new software, particularly web browsers. Internet was my thing (and it still is). I had used Firefox, but before that I tried a web browser called Flock, which I had enjoyed.
Recently, I was trying Firefox to see if I liked it as the best. and I thought I liked it as the best. But while the Firefox post to my blog was stil in draft form, I remembered about Flock. And I finslly rediscovered it and I named it the best. It had everything I ad listed up there as for expectations. Especially speed. Once it finds the server, it can just suck it right out of there, a little under the speed of light (literally).
Also, it is really easy to use. But its biggest part is connecting with social networks. You can connect to blogs, photo sharing services, youtube, and almost everything else in existence. If you connect to a blog service, you can blog straight from flocks blogging interface, which still works while offlne, where you can save as a draft for publishing and editing later on. In fact, I am using the Flock blogging application to create this post.