invisibleSHIELD on iPod touch

Now supporting over 3000 different gadgets and laptops, the invisibleSHIELD is the way to protect your gadget(s) without adding any bulk.

So I recently had my iPod touch replaced because of a faulty display. I kept the concealed from hands until my invisibleSHIELD would arrive. But I could stand it any longer and I discover a bright pixel. So I replace that one as well, and it happens to be on the same day the invisibleshield arrives. So here goes the install. It came with a cloth, a $5 off squeegee, and a moist pad of application solution. And the invisibleSHIELD of course. But that pad is not a good way of things. What happened to that all-perfect spray bottle? It did not get enough on to the invisibleSHIELD so you could
Not slide it around to align it on the device. Also, we had to take it off and on so many times that some dirt would get under the invisibleSHIELD and you wouldn’t realize it until you had put it on. And it didn’t fit right! I had to go at it with a pocket knife to trim it down so it wasn’t o er any buttons or ports. Let me say, that this was a horrible install. So difficult! The easy install aspect gets a -**. Disasterous.

But the protection you get in return Almost makes up for that. The invisibleSHIELD was originally used by the military to protect blades on helicopters from scratches. This is the same material, just cut down to fit your device. Look at the below video to show what it offers.


As you can see, scratches aren’t an option! This will stop scratches. It also adds some extra grip, but it still slides in and out of my pocket really easily. It doesn’t spin, but I didn’t buy my iPod touch to spin it.

Overall, I give it ***

Three stars. The install is -2 stars, and the protection is 5 stars.

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iPod touch invisibleSHIELD

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