All of my sites

I have quite a few personal websites, mostly just little experiments that I never finished. Here’s all of them.

Good Morning Geek

Welcome to the site! Blog posts, all about technology. Enjoy.

Max Swisher

This is my personal site all about me. All about my accounts, my feeds, where I work, my YouTube, all of those things about me.

Max Swisher’s Ideas

I have lots of ideas, and I post them there. People ask if I am afraid that people will steal my ideas, and frankly, it would be great if they did. All of these things are the things that I’d love to use/have, but I’m not about to go on creating.

One of my incomplete experiments, this site was made to be a listing of every shop in downtown los gatos. It was going to have all of the different stores (every single one) with reviews and ratings on each aspect. It was a collaboration with my friend Gustaf, and we both kinda stopped working on it. So there it lies, with 3 shops for each category and marking that say **these will be linked**.

This is still underway and hopefully I can get it going soon. As a middle schooler, I often find that getting good resources for my research can be hard. Because we aren’t allowed to use wikipedia, sometimes it takes some real digging to find good reliable information on a certain subject. So the final purpose is that people can tag certain URLs with a different subject or topic, so when someone needs solid research for a certain subject they can find it. At the moment it’s a drupal install with absolutely nothing installed. Enjoy!
Teen Techie

This USED to be a site where it was a teen writing collaboration, but that kinda died. So right now it is a domain where I can put stuff that I’m testing. Right now, the homepage for  definr is there. definr is an app that we made at programathon, with my friend Kfir and Max (other max). It was made to be a game where you have to define SAT words, but the arrays for 5000 words didn’t go along well. So the part I coded, which would be HTML interface,  is beautiful, but the part that Kfir and Max were in charge of (the backend PHP) is totally disfunctional. So what is there is a template with radio buttons and a submit button, and if we got the PHP working, it would actually be a game. 😉

You may notice that this doesn’t have a title, but the URL is pretty descriptive. When I need to transfer files, then I can use FTP to upload them to the URL then download them somewhere else. It’s also helpful for sharing files with other people online, but nobody can access any files on it unless they have the exact URL of the file (I might want to try and change that sometime but we’ll see).

For the big things, I share here on GMG. For the small things, I share on Twitter. But there needs to be a balance in between. So that’s why I have this tumblr, and I share photos, URLs, and other things. I mainly use cortex and instagram to share on this, and if you want to do the same thing with the same general theme and cortex, here’s a link.

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