iPad 2 Launch Comparable to the 3GS Launch

Apple held an event all about the iPad 2 today, and let’s just say I wasn’t happy.

First of all, I can easily compare it to the difference between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. Yes, I was really that disappointed.

Here’s the list of new features:

  • Front facing camera
  • Rear facing camera
  • Dual Core A5 Processor
  • 9x faster graphics
  • 8.8mm thin (a third thinner than it’s predecessor)
  • 1.3 Pounds instead of 1.5
  • A white version that will actually ship
  • A handy cover that folds into a stand. The cover had more innovation than the new iPad.

Other than that, it’s your same ol’ iPad. Same size, same screen, same apps.

The cover is really cool though. It has magnets that latch and align to the side, and when you close the cover the iPad turns off and when you open it the iPad turns on. This interested me substantially more than the iPad itself.

If you remember how bummed everyone was after the 3Gs, I am having that same feeling right now, but at least I have a case to be excited about.

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