How-to: Make your own awesome mousepad

No, this isn’t from scratch, but this is how to turn your old and dirty mousepad into an amazing super-sleek mousepad.

Sadly, the below picture is pretty much all I can show you.



But it was pretty simple to make and pays off. Here’s what you’ll need:

Old and dirty mousepad
Duct tape
Blue tape
Wax paper

So fist cover the old and dirty mousepad with duct tape. Do it strip next to strip, as close as you can but NOT OVERLAPPING! Do this once vertically and trim the edges, then do another layer horizontally using the same technique.

Now that you have a fully duct-taped mousepad, it’s going to be a bit rubbery and hard to you the mouse on it. So, carefully take a large and un-crinkled sheet of wax paper and cut it down to be about 1 inch bigger than the duct tape mousepad on each side. Now, fold over the edges and use duct tape to tape them down on the back. At the corners they will have to fold, so try to keep that as neat as you can.

There you go! Or at least for a little bit. I found that the wax paper will crinkle, and make it look kinda bad and feel bad too. So my remedy is to cut a piece of cardbord to the same size as the mousepad, and duct tape it on to the bottom. Now it won’t bend. But you just eliminated the grip, so it slides a lot. My remedy for this? Just use blue tape to tape it to your keyboard tray or desk.

So, what’s awesome about this mousepad?

• Instead of just having plain waxpaper down, it provides a bit of a cushion
• It’s super smooth and easy to track on
• Easy to make
• Puts that old icky mousepad to use
• Another great way to use duct tape

Happy Tracking!

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