How to make a new and improved awesome mousepad


This is like a follow-up post to this one: [link]

But, there’s more!

So this was really an improvement upon the last one.

The reason this is here is because if you were using the other mousepad for a while, you may have noticed wax residue building up on the bottom of your mouse.

(Click here to see the post of how to get it off)

So, I decided that I was going to try and spray cinch on it o get rid of some of the wax. Bad idea! It crumble like wet paper. I decided I wouldn’t try that again.

So I decided I would cover up the wax paper with something else. I didn’t want to try wax paper again for obvious reasons written above. So, I was looking through my drawer of rolls of foil, wax paper, saran wrap, etc. and I found some parchment paper. “Hey, this will be great!” I said. So, I go to tape it on to the bottom. I first try standard scotch tape, the cheap alternative to duct tape. And low and behold, it just comes off. I barely pull at it and it just comes right off.

So, I go to the standard of stickyness- duct tape.

And, the same exact story.

So, I try melting it with an iron, and  een try the super sticky spray adhesive. I’m pretty sure that worked, but it would be a big hassle to try and do that with my mousepad. So, while I am waiting for it to dry, I just go at it again with my original plan – Scotch tape. I add a lot of extra flap on the bottom, and I  very carefully tape it to the cardboard on the bottom of my mousepad. I carefully press down the tape to both the parchment and the cardboard. So far so good. I carefully do the rest, and I finally have it done. It’s pretty fragile, but it’s the same amount of smoothness, and has no wax, preventing any residue from getting on the bottom of it.

The end result looks maybe a bit cleaner.

Here’s the comparison:

Old Wax Mousepad

New Parchment Mousepad

As you can see, the newer one doesn’t look as…well…waxy.

Here’s the super careful scotch tape job i did:

The tape's holding on... barely

But, it’s great!

With the parchment paper it also seems much cleaner.

Have fun with your new and improved awesome mousepad!

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