My thoughts in OS 4.0

First, the iPad was released. And now, this? This has been quite the hectic week for apple.
iPhone OS 4.0 brings more features That everybody wanted. Now, there’s no reason not to get an iPhone (in fact apple has announced a CDMA phone, and you should’ve seen what happened to my stock!), but more people are going to find more features that they want.

So what does it do?

1. Multitasking
There was a cheer from the crowd when this was announced.
You can now multitask and run multiple apps at the same time, and voip apps can run in the background with a bar on top of the app you are running.

My thoughts:
It’s about time.

2. Change the wallpaper behind the home screen!

My thoughts: Okay, very nice…

3. New mail application
Now you can have multiple exchange accounts. You can also merge multiple accounts into a singe inbox.

My thoughts: Cool! Now I can merge my podcast, max, support, and everything else into one inbox.

So these are the things that some people might care about.

The OS will be out for second generation iPod touch and iPhone 3G in the summer, but multitasking won’t be supported. At the same time it will be resealed for the third generation iPod touch and iPhone 3GS and will support multitasking. The following fall it will be released for the iPad. Yay!

Comments are desired.

4 thoughts on “My thoughts in OS 4.0

  1. If you don’t have a device you can spare, DON’T even think of installing the first beta. I installed it on my 3GS and lots of applications crashed. I lost all of my Hipstamatic purchases and it wouldn’t let me restore them, and it drastically reduced the battery life. I ended up wasting several hours restoring my iPhone and re-loading all of the contents.

  2. Makes sense. After all, 2.x apps stopped working on 3.x sometimes, and few developers have gotten their hands on the 4.x SDK.

  3. you didn’t mention the fact that you can organize apps into folders and now have over 2000 apps on your device 😀
    i still have to get spencer to put 4.0 on my ipod… 😛

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