[youtube=]Ever wondering how that old Mac you got 10 years ago sounded right when it turned on, just to remember what it was like? Ever wanted to see how much RAM that first mac that ever existed had? That is exactly what Mactracker is for. It is a free easy app, that gives you info an every single apple product in existence. In fact, for many it has the available startup chime and even death chime that you can play right out of your speaker system. It gives you history, If it is still supported, memory, RAM, ports, and everything else you could imagine including OS version and Finder version. It is really that simple. When I say it shows every apple product, I mean laptops, iPods, iPhones, Desktops, Cameras, Printers, and even Newton models! Who knew that the MessagePad 2000 had a code name of Q, 5 MB of RAM, and ran Newton OS 2.1, and was available in english and german? All of that and more came from a single window in Mactracker. and lucky for everyone out there, it’s available for windows too! there is also a FREE iPhone app of it that features all of the features from the desktop app, but lacks the history feature. In fact, the Apple genius training class in cupertino uses this app, and that is where I found out about it. Apparently they use it so much they even have a dock icon for it! Info on every single Apple product: Mactracker.

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