We all have media we want to look at. These days, video and images are quite the hubbub. Cooliris is a way to “immerse yourself” into your content using a 3D wall.

Using it is very simple. Go to a google image or youtube search and click the cooliris wall button in the top right (in Safari). Your google image search will be displayed on a 3d wall. To go across the wall, you can

  • Click and dragx
  • Click the arrows at the bottom of the screen
  • Click and drag the blue doohickey to the left of right
  • Horizontally scroll with your mouse

If you find an image you like, you can click on it to view it and get more information about it.

This process works on many different media sites including flickr, YouTube, and more.

When you are in the cooliris wall you can search these sites instantly with the search bar on the top. You can also use the sidebar on the left to navigate through different sources like news, entertainment, featured, etc. You can even view pictures on your computer!

Here’s a video showing cooliris in action:

Sorry, the video isn’t in good quality.

Currently, I am an intern at Cooliris doing bug testing a brainstorming. I did in fact do a review of Cooliris a long time ago, but many new features have been added (and more are on the way).

Cooliris homepage

Cooliris download page

3 thoughts on “Cooliris

  1. HATE Cooliris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crashed finder and finder wouldn’t open because it “couldn’t find plugin: Cooliris”.

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