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I used to dub apple as the greatest of all. But my view is changing as apple begins to turn into the evil empire.

If you look at some of the press you will see how apple us taking a very bad response to this iphone for antenna problem. They have been saying nothing to the press and they are not anything their problem. This is kind if odd for a company so focused on its reputation and good press.

So here what I now say: apple has some of the best computers and electronics and design basi (plural of basis?) But as a company are entirely evil.

On the good side is google, but o don’t really dub apple and google in the same field other than mobile operating system (where I dub android better, more on that later) so I cant really call them head on competitors. But I praise google for being so open. I mean I even have a google socket on the back of my macbook and iPad.

So I guess I like them both.

As far as pcs go, I’m less crazy about mac. I man, people have their reasons, but overall I still dub apple as the best overall computer creator.

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  1. No, but everybody else does and everybody else has antenna problems. I don’t need to have an shine four to know about all of the problems it has.

  2. I’ve always seen apple as a some what evil company. Welcome to the club Max! I just think apple can’t take it being the most valuable tech company in the world and all this publicity. And as people notice APPLE IS NOTHING without Steve Jobs and his team of other Egomaniacs so once they leave the company apple is doomed they do create some good products but that’s it it’s not the BEST anymore the other corporations have caught up if apple wants to survive in the future they need to stop having sucha big ego and notice the reality that there just as good as anyone else. then be more like Google more open source and more involved with the cloud or else they WILL eventually just live off of brand loyalty there will be only three devices that support ios and mac os 10 and there will be a bunch more that will support windows and windows phone as well as chromium os and andriod so they will never be the top devices wise because of they’re ego but they will have some of the best financial stuff and brand loyalty because of they’re ego. So just a selfish evil failing corporation ran bye ego maniacs that will so agian bow down to google and microsoft and ANYTHING open source

  3. Well the only problem is that as far as computers and music players and games apple seems to have ruled supreme. But the only field apple is competing with google in is the Mobile device business, where Google has won. But HP has a far ways to go to try and keep up with Snow Leopard. now Leopard still overpowers windows 7 with it’s 64-32 flexibilities and beautiful interface, and I don’t know if any new version of windows can keep up. There may have to be a whole new operating system with a whole new user approach.

    But it seems as though that would be called Chrome OS. Only problem with ChromeOS is that I don’t always have an internet connection, so I wouldn’t be able to use the computer at all when I’m on a plane, unless I’m using a Google Gears supported site.

  4. I’ve been testing chrome os and you don’t need to be connected to the Internet you can listen to music watch videos and look photos offline and google docs can be used offline also but it’s only something someone that’s always on the internet uses. I know and I think you do too that cloud apps will eventually take over traditional os’s and apple notably is not the best in the cloud for know only the mobile industry but in the future alot more I can promise to you that. I see the Mac vs Windows differently I’ve used both for countless days but I see them as very good and equal os’s for almost every positive there’s a negative and for very negative there is a positive so I love both and I have to admit windows 8 will be more advanced than any version of Mac os but snow leopard is a little bit more advanced just a littile bit but I still prefer using my windows machine apple is leading in design and GUI and UI they invented it in the os and the machine so very buitiful products. They lead in mobile gaming not computer gaming or console gaming apples huge weapon is how they changed the media industry witch is phenomenal I love iTunes but i loved lala and still love pandora more.

    But that’s just my opinion and I AM NOT A FANBOY

  5. check it out, when apple fired steve jobs, they went seriously down in quality and were near the risk of filing chapter 11. when steve jobs was back on board, he fixed up the company.
    i agree with sebastian here with the fact that steve jobs is a great man in business, but only in business. i highly doubt he even coded at least part of os x recently, hell, i think he only just works on marketing and answering emails and helping motivating people to work rather than doing stuff himself.
    but anyways max, welcome back to the pc world. we’ve missed you 😀

  6. I don’t see that at all. Microsoft has been doing really well! they’re primary market’s are the cloud,gaming, OS’s, and portable devices. Microsoft has one of the best and the most popular email system and Bing came out last year and took 13% of google’s market share and it’s going to power yahoo. They’re beating the crap out Sony and Nintendo gaming wise the wii is well… you already know and the new PS3 expirnce is just a wii HD, Kinect kill’s those thing’s not to mention XBOX live and halo are you saying Halo sucks? they’re neck in neck with apple os wise and everyones ahead of google’s chrome OS
    and windows phone 7 is awesome you know what I think it’s better than android at allot of things right know they just need to either get rid of the Zune or I don’t know. Just remember this Microsoft is the best gaming/software Apple is the Best Hardware/Design and Google is the best Mobile Os’s/Cloud Service. SO A mac running windows with chrome as a browser and I’m doing that right know 😀 and Apple used to list Bertrand Sterlet as one of they’re most important people (he’s the cheif of software) his spot on the most important people/key people list has been replaced by Johny Ive the Number one egomaniac at Apple this symbolizes apple is now more focused on the look of their product than the overall product tell me you weren’t disappointed with the iPhone 4 I was…….and the ‘Antennagate’ thing and the iPhone 4 are perfect examples how steve let’s the design team boss around the software team. apple was best when the software team was winning now they’ve changed and I don’t like it.

  7. So far I’ve had windows seven crash on me twice. I’ve never had a Mac crash on me.

    And also, if Microsoft is so good, what happened to the kin? Everybody said it ease great. And they sold a grand total of 500 units before they closed the project down because it was costing Microsoft money. The Kinect is just a rip on what slpready exists in the
    Wii. And if windows phone seven series is so popular why is it behind android?

  8. Apple and Google aren’t Perfect either the KIN = FAIL
    Kinect is way better than wii have you seen PlayStation Move? what I hate about apple is that they think that everyones copying them all the time! every car has a steering wheel but no one claims the steering wheel their invention or says someone copied them it’s standard and we all know motion gaming is the future Nintendo was smart so they pointed the industry that way Xbox is not about total causal gaming like Nintendo is, they want to do more hardcore games like Halo for Kinetic. Windows Phone Seven is in it’s first release something more fair is Comparing WP7 1.0 vs Andriod 1.0 because they’re first release’s for their first GOOD mobile os they’re doing extremely well but andriod has had more time to mature I’m disappointed with RIM and Apple though. KIN is the absolute worst product I have ever heard of it’s really slow and only does social things media and the internet. and if Google is so good why did the Nexus One fail? Chrome is pointless because you can do all those things on windows and OSX and alot more and you always have to be on the internet FAIL and Google Buzz Knol and all their other pointless services how do you explain that? If Apple is so good why do my uncles always get Kernal Panics? on their BRAND NEW mac’s?, I can do all of the stuff a mac can do + run osx on a pc but to do it on a mac I need 300-500 bucks more and that’s on the lowest end model I can get a Dell Or Hp brand computer made of Aluminium for Hundreds of dollers less? why does apple always claim their product the best even mobileme when it’s a complete fail? why when apple catches up to the competition they call it “innovation” my point is NO company is perfect and every company has fails I guess you can call bing a fail kind of but not a complete fail because it’s still really good but I use google 70% of the time I have an ipod touch when I could have gotten a Zune HD I think I made the best choice but I chose a pc over a mac and I use hotmail but I use a magic mouse see I have no brand loyalty but I love software and Microsoft does the BEST software

  9. PS. I just saw your set up video no wonder why windows crashes your using a crappy computer high five for ubuntu though I don’t want you to hate me though these are just my points of view like 2+2 the absolute answer is 4 but with SOME things in computer science etc.. there is no answer…. you make up an answer and no matter what you’re right

  10. Thoughts are what make the world go round, and public thoughts keep the internet connected. 😉

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