Mac OS X Lion screws it all up

So if you check out the Mac OS X lion sneak peak, you’ll see what tey are trying to do. They are trying to put the iPad right on to your laptop. But what are they thinking?!

1. It’s a laptop, not a tablet!

iOS was made for touch screens. It’s interface was designed for touch screens. And when you try to put a touch screen system onto an OS without a touchscreen, it doesn’t work too well.

I mean, they even created a home screen with all of your apps that you can swipe through. If you had any idea that you were on a Mac (which by this point you might not) then you would know that you can just open spotlight and type it in faster than you can click the button in your dock then swipe through al of your home screens looking for the correct app….

2. I don’t need full screen apps!!!

They keep saying about how “On iPad, every app is displayed full screen, with no distractions” (<–That’s a direct quote by the way) but everybody hated that. I mean, windows is the world of computers. That is the way that everybody knows and loves when it comes to multitasking. Our computers are made for multitasking, and being able to access everything really fast is quite handy when using a laptop. And if you are in your own little world of a full screen app,you might as well just use a damn iPad! Now this doesn’t mean that there will be no windows at all, but here we are with homescreens and full screen apps in addition. I mean next thing we know, there will be a damn app store for the Mac!


Would you look at that.

Well, I think that this is an OK idea, and it’s cool and all, but I’m just afraid that this is going to lead to the same thing as iOS: Not letting any apps on unless they are approved into the app store. This is the bane of the iPad’s existence. Next thing we know, people are going to start Jailbreaking Macs, and when that happens, hello windows 7.

I think that some of these things might be cool, but they seem way too over the top. And these cool UIs are the only updates here, and I see no under the hood upgrades.

However I am not going to finish without saying that I thought the same negative things about the iPad and I was a *little* unhappy that it didn’t have Mac OS X. But it seems like apple knows what we want before we do. so once it is available in the apple store, I’ll write again about it. 😉

4 thoughts on “Mac OS X Lion screws it all up

  1. People aren’t going to have our conventional Laptops and Desktops in a few years they’re going to have Tablet’s. The problem for this is that for people that know and think that a primary computer should have more than 1 gig of ram or 1ghrtz of processor speed and atleast dual cores want more power but, these companies aren’t focusing on people like you and me they’re focusing on people that will never write a line of code and won’t even learn the name of their OS ever! Full screen complete apps on your normal computer is just a headache do a post on net neutrality

  2. Well, the reason for this is that there are more people that have no idea what HTML means than who are ever going to write a line of code which is the reason that there are so many easy to use computers. The thing is, laptops have evolved over time and at the moment laptops seem to be doing pretty well. The problem is that tablets are made to be small and light, and with this comes a loss in power which is a big trade off to make for people like you and me and anyone else who does video production as a living. People think that computers should be powerful because they want to be able to do all of that advanced stuff, but for the majority of the world tablets are pretty awesome.

  3. And so what do you think now? I stopped the download of Lion after four hours of waiting.  I would really have preferred if it had a cd, but perhaps it was for the best because after reading the negative reviews in App store I realized that the complaints were significant enough that I didn’t want to risk having it on my computer. 

  4. I love it. I’ve had absolutely no problems with it, and I waited five hours for it to download – it’s a 4GB file. To have it not on a disc allows for easier access to people that don’t have apple stores – it’s pointless to order a disc online.

    I’ve seen very few complaints on the app store, and I believe that most of the problems are user error. It could also be that their computer(s) aren’t compatible with Lion. Another reason might be because they just don’t like lion’s new features.

    By not installing lion, you’re missing out on a big thing – the new features are quite revolutionary.

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