Doodoodoo, workin on my Mac, Lalala iStat Menus Running..Lalala GAH @#$%%@#$!@ 95ยบ F enclosure base!!! GAH!!!! Even though I’m on a flat surface with great air flow…

What now?


This is a simple little menubar app that allows you to control the speed of your computer’s fan. You can make presets, tell it to use different presets for charging, battery power, and plugged in. I can also just use the slider and select RPM. So the below video demonstrates the proper thing to do.

That is really it.

But the real fun is when you listen.

It’s really coll how hardare ties into software. By moving this ound thind and pressing down, I can make a motor spin faster.

It’s amazing how these things tie in.

But so far, it has not failed me!

I must say that is does ware down your battery life a bit, and may reduce the life of your fan (after all, you are literally puching the limits), but if you need a wuick and easy remedy to get that fan speed going, just click the links below or the download and the homepage of smcFanControl!!!

Direct Download

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