Green Screen for under $5!

Check out the video below.

Other than the camera, light, and software, I only paid five bucks for this.
So here is a picture of it with no green screen effects.

So as you can see it is small, but it does the job for just one person.
So what’s the secret for this only costing five dollars?
Poster board.
A about one dollar each, in a close-up you can see the creases.

But the software doesn’t see it!

So, how did I put it together?
There’s tape on the back.

So to make the green screen videos I use Adobe After Effects, with the Keylight plug-in. After Effects comes with built in effects for doing things like the fading shown above.

But the only problem is that After Effects doesn’t play any sound, So to find when you should fade in that picture of that next-door neighbor you hate (or whatever) you need to open the video in Quicktime (or whatever) and remember the time you want to queue it and go into After Effects and add in that picture at that mark.
So to record my videos simply with my Flip, which gives me good enough quality.

But if you are going to use a green screen with a flip and After Effects, BEWARE!
You need to export the videos from FlipShare into Quicktime format before using it with after effects or it will be shaky, there will be no sound, or the video will have horrible quality. It took me a few attempts (and failures) to figure THIS one out.

For lighting, I use two White Lightning X1600 with modeling at -2.5f.

So $115 green screens are a thing of the past. Hello cheap DIYs!

Did you make any green screen videos using this?
Upload them to YouTube and comment with the link!

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