Plantronics Discovery 925 Headset

Well, I have actually never had a headset before, but I do say, I like this one. I remember my first phone- old and clunky, as expected for a first phone. But for a first headset, this is recent, comparable, and most importantly stylish. Let’s start with the obvious. It looks like a Tony non-functioning piece of plastic, and I would never guess it was a headset. Just the general shape of it looks so elegant. The headset is available in many different colors, but I have the black one which is shown in the picture above.

I must say that the quality is great, for a headset with the range it has. The input is great (other people say), and I must say that it is just plain great.
It has the standard setup and configuration for all other headsets, with a passkey of 0000.
So, why would you want to get this headset? Let’s count down the reasons.
3. It’s SOO much sleeker and MORE AWESOME (awesomer?) than those round ones with that thing that flips out, or than the ones that go over your ear.
2. Super easy bluetooth setup (in fact, I now use it with Skype on my Mac. Sorry PC users!), default config for most all phones.
1. Great battery life–kinda hard to believe when the battery is probably a tiny bit bigger than a hearing aid battery. But this has a feature that many bluetooth headsets don’t include: A charger in the case. The case is nice and leather, and has a plastic fitting inside that is molded to the shape of the headset. But inside the part that fits the bigger part is the same plug that is used to charge it. It’s a little hard to explain, but pictures can explain anything.

As you can tell, there is a mini USB port on the side, which when you plug it into the case the plug inside the case is inserted into. The big plastic thing hat fills the space where the headset doesn’t is actually a battery that charges the headset. On the bottom of the case is another mini-USB port that you can plug in the headset’s charger to. You can also charge the headset directly. But this provides a full charge that i almost guaranteed to last through the busy businessman or businesswoman’s day.

So in the end,

Pros: Sleek, wireless, good battery life
Cons: Umm…Not made by Apple?

***** Outstanding!!!