Macworld 2010: a Letdown?

Well, of course I went to Macworld. This is the first Macworld without Apple, and my first Macworld myself.

I went and as I found, I couldn’t see anything that was interesting AND affordable, making it quite boring for me. Sure, there was MacDictate but lets go through the list:

#1: Would it benefit to my lifestyle?

#2: Is it affordable?

Well, MacDictate; I don’t need it, therefore it wouldn’t benefit to my lifestyle. Plus, it is how many hundreds of dollars?

Lets see…

Scoche Earbuds. Would it benefit to my lifestyle? No, I already have a great pair of earbuds. Nope.

And so on.

To guage that this was in fact NOT USUAL for it to be so boring was my good friend Spencer Schoeben (, who I came across and assured me that Macworld isn’t usually like so.

In fact, I came back with absolutely NO VIDEO at all. And I won’t be coming back tomorrow.

But I did pick up a Gelaskin at half price, because it was so cool and of course it was at half price, review coming soon.

What did you think of the Macworld Expo (if you went)?

2 thoughts on “Macworld 2010: a Letdown?

  1. Usually the expo occupies both the north & south halls. The north hall, which is the only one they used this year, is a lot smaller. Usually the major companies like Apple & Adobe were in the larger hall and the smaller companies were in this one. I was surprised to see IBM & Microsoft there.

    I got Inklet, a $20 application that turns a Macbook multi-touch trackpad into a graphics tablet.

    Mophie’s Juice Pack air, is an iPhone or iPod Touch case with a built-in battery that adds a few extra hours of usage. Unlike the FastMac battery case I have, this one doesn’t feel like I’m carrying a brick in my pocket.

    I’m looking forward to getting an Eye-Fi Pro x2 card when it ships. I have an original Eye-Fi Pro card in my camera, which I used to upload wirelessly to Flickr both at Teens In Tech Conference and Macworld.

    The presentations I went to were very entertaining, especially David Pogue yesterday. I recorded some video, including the “It’s a Wonderful Life” parody with LeVar Burton as Steve Jobs, which I just uploaded to Vimeo. I got an autographed postcard from Bill Atkinson today after Guy Kawasaki’s presentation.

    Daniel Brusilovsky gave a very good talk today about how technology could be used effectively in schools.

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