Macworld 2011: That’s it?

Don’t criticize me, I know MacWorld isn’t over. But it is for me.

It took me about two hours to browse the whole showroom floor and check out about a quarter of the booths. I got a bag full of stuff and a nice new keyboard cover.
But it was a shock when we were done in that hall and we walked out to figure out that we had just seen all of MacWorld. That was it! One hall with less than 240 booths in total. That’s all of MacWorld 2011!
CES was a little bit bigger. First of all, each hall was twice the size. Second of all, there were three halls, two of which had second stories. I didn’t even cover the whole thing in three days!
As unfortunate as it is, I fear that MacWorld is slowly dying. With the lack of Apple’s presence the expo is less appealing, and slowly but surely it is getting smaller and smaller. I predict that in four years macworld will be not much more than a street corner.

But we did see some fairly cool stuff. I got to play around with the smart boards (they had a show special for $6500, ya right), and I bought a keyboard skin that has the shortcuts for photoshop. I saw some cool customizable hard cases (one of which I might get online that would have the GMG logo) and I also got to see some of propellerhead’s cool software.

So while some of the things at MacWorld were cool, it is getting smaller and smaller by the year. Last year was a bit of a disappointment, so I wasn’t too excited this year. Just as I predicted, this wasn’t that amazing of a show.

Review: GelaSkins for Laptops

As you may know, I recently attended the Macworld Expo, which I sadly thought was a bit of a letdown [link].

But I did get something cool, and that would be a Gelaskin. Thanks to Macworld, I was able to get mine at HALF PRICE!’

I got the Gelaskin with a piece of artwork called Cohabitations by Philip Straub, and here’s what it looks like on my Mac:


One of the great things about this thing is that the surface is scratch resistant. Yay!

There are so many great aspects of this, and because of my 100GB of hosting space at mediatemple, I’ll happily list all of them.

The adhesive is sticky, but not gooey, which gives easy removal. Yay!

It’s not bulky at all, its very thin. Yet it is quite durable!

As you may tell by that picture up there, there is a border of aluminum around it (actually it’s the lid of my MacBook which the skin dosn’t [and isn’t supposed to!] cover up). This makes it so it’s easier to put on, it shows of the “still-aluminum-ness” of my MacBook, and it doesn’t have to be aligned completely perfectly. This also makes it less prone to waring at the edges.

I must say, this is a great way to get “protection with style, not bulk” for your iPod, phone, laptop, and so on. GelaSkins makes custom cuts for a large array of devices. You can even make your own Gelaskin using your own image and text. Cool!

Gelaskins range from $15-$30, depending on your device.

Get your own at!

Macworld 2010: a Letdown?

Well, of course I went to Macworld. This is the first Macworld without Apple, and my first Macworld myself.

I went and as I found, I couldn’t see anything that was interesting AND affordable, making it quite boring for me. Sure, there was MacDictate but lets go through the list:

#1: Would it benefit to my lifestyle?

#2: Is it affordable?

Well, MacDictate; I don’t need it, therefore it wouldn’t benefit to my lifestyle. Plus, it is how many hundreds of dollars?

Lets see…

Scoche Earbuds. Would it benefit to my lifestyle? No, I already have a great pair of earbuds. Nope.

And so on.

To guage that this was in fact NOT USUAL for it to be so boring was my good friend Spencer Schoeben (, who I came across and assured me that Macworld isn’t usually like so.

In fact, I came back with absolutely NO VIDEO at all. And I won’t be coming back tomorrow.

But I did pick up a Gelaskin at half price, because it was so cool and of course it was at half price, review coming soon.

What did you think of the Macworld Expo (if you went)?