Writer’s Block?!

You may not know this, but I keep a list of things to post right here on GMG. When I get a new idea or find something cool, I add it to the list. It’s like a box where I put things in to deal with in detail later.

And so far, that has worked. But my list is starting to run low…

I have reviewed quite a bit of freeware for the mac, and every day I check for something new. But where did those developers go?!

SOOOOO, I have a bit of writer’sblockphobia. The fear of having writers block. WHICH is EXACTLY why I need YOUR help!

Please, suggest a how-to, freeware app, or iPhone app under $3.00 in the Suggestions tab to the left. It really helps this place going!

Also, please click one of the ads in the sidebar to help towards reviews of paid iPhone apps! 🙂

Thanks to all of my readers, now is your time to make a difference to the content that appears on THIS site!


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