I’m getting an iPad. Why?

Yup, you saw the title. I am in fact getting an iPad. Why?

Recently, My iPod touch got soaking wet, and died. I could go out and get another iPod touch, but there is the iPad coming out. Although the iPaf is simply a huge iPod touch, it isstill useful if you don’t already have an uPod touch. If you had the choice, the iPad has more potential. Longer battery life, a bigger screen, and the super-speedy A4 processor. The iPad has more flexibility than the touch. It as the normal app store PLUS special iPad apps like the new beautiful NYTimes reader. It ha a stunning LED backlit display. AND, it has the iBookstore. The built-in apps were all beautifully designed for the new screen.

Say you already have in iPhone/iPod touch. Why do you need an iPad? you don’t. But if you don’t own an iPhone/touch, then you should consider the iPad. Prepare for an iPad Review!

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