New Phone!

It is time.

You may have noticed that I got an enV2 a little while ago.

It’s not a bad phone, and even after dropping it in a creek along with my iPod touch and HD camera it lived (unlike the others). The thing is incredibly durable but all it does is text and phone.

But now that I’ve saved up a bit of money, it’s time for an upgrade.

Sadly, I’m not upgrading to the new iPhone thanks to AT&T’s exclusive agreement with apple that says that the iPhone can’t be carried on any other carrier until 2012.


I’m getting the htc droid incredible.

This thing is running android 2.1, with ht.’s sense UI. It has a dual led flash with an eight megapixel camera (pretty good if you ask me).

I’m also gong to be getting a data plan with it, and I should be able to broadcast live from it (when I do, you can check out the feed by clicking live up there ^^^).

The phone only costs two hundred bucks with a two year contract (the cancellation fee is more than the costs of the phone itself) on verizon. Many deem it as the best verizon smartphone and is the one to get instead of the nonexistent iPhone on verizon.

3 thoughts on “New Phone!

  1. if you got it ‘a little while ago’ why the hell are you getting a new one? you do realize that verizon only allows upgrades once every two years….

  2. Yes, I only got it a year ago.
    But that was before i had the money to get a smartphone. Now that I do, I’m stealing my moms upgrade. 😉

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