Are you a typist?

I know you can type.

In fact, pretty much everybody can. But are you a typist?

A typist is someone who is a skilled typer. Basically, it means you can type really fast.

Pretty much everybody in my family is!

But are you?

Here’s something you can have a little fun with. It’s called typeracer.

Typeracer is a site where you have to type a paragraph perfectly as fast as you can against your friends, yourself, or even other people on typeracer. Don’t worry, you all have to type the same paragraph. If you mess up, you have to correct the mistake before moving on!

Another cool thing is that it will tell you your words per minute (5 characters/word) and rank you on their own scale depending on your speed.

Depending on how tired I am, I can hit up to 77. I call above 65 a typist.

Don’t worry, typeracer is free online and really fun. Only problem is if you look at your keyboard while typing and make a mistake, you won’t realize it until you look up to see the typing box red and you have to start over!

Also, typing speed can depend on if you are tired.

If you just drank three caffeinated pepsis and a jittery, it is likely that you will make a lot of mistakes and get a low score.

If you are tired, you will be less aware and type slower just because your reflexes are slowed down. But if you are just fine and had a good night’s sleep, then you have no excuses!

To play typeracer, just go to You can create an account to keep track of your speeds and levels as well (free of course).

Once you’ve started typing and you have made your account, comment and tell me what your level is. Im a typemaster. You can find this out by looking in the top right to the left of your words per minute. If it is really low, then do a few more races! Your WPM up there is the average of your last ten races, and your skill level is based off of that average.

But don’t try to typerace on an iPad! Every time you hit the space bar it turns on the shift key, which will make a mistake unless you press the shift key to disable it. That means slower typing, which means slower average, which means lower skill level!

Have fun and comment your skill level! 😀

Play Typeracer!

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