Too many apps in the app store?

As we all know, Apple has been boasting about their 200,000 apps in the app store.

This is cool, but a little too many.

Actually, no. Ironically, I feel that too many apps are being accepted into the app store.

My theory: An app should only be accepted if it either:

  • No other app has the same functionality
  • It is better than another app with the same functionality

So we don’t get copycats cluttering the store.

With all of these copycats, the store is harder to search. When you want something, you usually have to turn to a third party to figure out which one is best.

Also, what’s up with these lite applications? They are like trials but they are completely different applications. I think that there should be a trial link in the full application description page. Because after all, the lite version is just a disabled version of the full one, and it doesn’t deserve to have a completely separate entry into the app store.

Do you agree?

Comments welcome.

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